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The Old Line State's flag has long inspired pride for Maryland residents.  The incredible black, yellow, red, and white color and mixed pattern scheme, comprised of the Calvert and Crossland families coats of arms, is the most unique among flags of the Union.


Loudmouth Golf has been producing spectacularly patterned clothing since 2000, and recently started a Specialty Designs program.  As a lifelong Maryland resident and Loudmouth Golf products fan, it only made sense to merge the two.  Once the State of Maryland officially approved this use of the flag, Loudmouth made quick work of putting the final designs together, and translated the idea onto men's pants, sport coats, shorts, and ladies skorts.  The first editions arrived in September, 2014.


State Your Gear was thus born from the inspired combination of two great ideas: bringing color back to the golf world (and now many other worlds, such as the Winter Olympics and horse racing's Triple Crown) and Marylanders' desire to show off our amazing flag. Whether you're from Maryland or not, the Maryland flag clothing from State Your Gear will allow you to let your Maryland pride do the talking.


Mike Heyse, Founder

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